Nigeria Turkish Trade hit $779m as both Nations strengthen ties!

Nigeria delegation is in Ankara Turkey to attend D8 meetings as well as strengthen diplomatic trade ties between the two nations. Figures shows that Trade between the two countries hit $779m in the first 8months of 2017. President Muhammadu Buhari traveling along with his minister of foreign affairs Geoffrey Onyeama is looking to negotiate improved mutual benefits for the both parties. Turkey exports Engine parts & automobiles, food (Biscuits & Pasta), Pharmaceuticals while Nigeria exports to Turkey Raw & Semi-Processed Leather, Rubber, Sesame Weeds.

Nigeria is also looking to strengthen defence ties with Turkish as the Minister of Defence of both Nations engaged in detailed discussions on counter-terrorism strategies to scuttle to influence of Hezbollah, ISIS who has being proven to be major technical and logistical support for the Boko Haram insurgency in the North Eastern part of Nigeria

With the recent spat of tensions between Germany’s Angela Merkel & Tarcip Recep Erdogan with his failed attempts to join the European Union, his recent calls to German voters to boycott Merkel in the just concluded polls which she won by a tiny margin and had to survive by forming a coalition government, Nigeria might be caught in a crossfire between the Germany, the European Union in Brussels & Turkey especially if political statements are not closely guarded.

In statements by President Buhari, he said “We are very pleased with the progress of the meeting so far and we are going too wait for the details of the meetings between the two countries. We will as a result of the meeting between the ministers and officials of the both countries strengthen rapidly whatever their recommendations are”

President Erdogan said in his remarks that “Nigeria is a global actor in terms of economy, demographics and its peacekeeping records”

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