African Development Bank Annual Report

AfDB_Annual_Report_2016_EN The African Development Bank is a Pan African institution with a mandate to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs) thus contributing to poverty reduction The 5Cs of the AfDB are: Raising aspirations to solve Africa’s energy challenges Establishing a transformative partnership for energy in Africa Mobilizing domestic […]

Revised Notes on Capital Adequacy Levels for Banks

This document lays down the new supervisory regulations for assessing the capital adequacy levels of all banks in Nigeria. The rules governing regulatory capital, its components, required deductions to the capital levels. A bank’s regulatory capital is calculated as:   Regulatory CAR=                Qualifying Capital (over) Total RWA (Credit RWA+Market RWA+Operational RWA) Where total risk weighted […]

Annual Report on Performance of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

The Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority is an investment institution of the federation, set up in 2011 to manage funds in excess of budgeted hydrocarbon on behalf of all tiers of government in preparation for the eventual depletion of the resource. The Sovereign Wealth Fund is divided into the future generation funds (FGF), Nigerian Infrastructure Fund […]